Pregnancy is beautiful

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Kelly Rowland | Robert Ashcroft



I wish boobs did the bra thing without having to wear the bra









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Regina is a fool

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But why didn’t she get any questions though? I wonder if she’s acting like that to prove a point.

It’s back lmao, must always reblog.

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"3AM: the time to miss people who don’t miss you."
— Ten Word Story #11 - Ming D. Liu (via lara-xo)

Flawless Human Beings » Gina Torres » Gina Torres Alphabet

J → jessica lourdes pearson, managing partner of pearson specter
"Jessica Pearson isn’t a unicorn. She’s not a mythological creature. She’s an example of so many women out there that are ruling their part of the world and doing an incredible job." - Gina Torres


TRIGGER WARNING: This post and the video it links to contain information about sexual assault and/or violence which may be triggering to survivors.

To the Indigenous woman,

I am sorry we have not fought harder for you. 

 For the woman and her baby left for dead by the police in her home, while they gave a ride to her attacker back to his house.

To the girlfriend punched in her pregnant stomach, to the wife who took the beatings so her kids wouldn’t have to, to the daughter who found a man as abusive as her dad, to the co-ed who will never go to the nine again, to the restraining order, as strong as the paper it is made from, and to the shelter with not enough beds,

I give one thousand sweats for rape victims, 1000 doctorings for husbands, 1000  prayer ties for courage, 1000 meetings for silence, 1000 songs for patience, and 1000 fires, for enough light to fill a room, to reflect off a mirror the size of the moon, just so we can see ourselves for what we are - complicit.

Do I dare you to protect them Mr. President.

I dare you to make laws for them, senators and representatives.

I dare you to try and stop me tribal leaders.

I dare you to go look for me police officer.

For every 1000 Native women in your district, 330 of them will be sexually assaulted; 88% of the perpetrators will be non Native and every piece of every legislation needs a champion, but not all champions are leaders and not all leaders are men, just like not all kisses are wanted and not all laws are consensual.

They trespass her body, just like they trespass this land. In the corner of a hut home, in the backseat of a car, in a court room in every hall of every government, we fail them.

The terrorist threat is in the same house, in the same car,  goes to the same school and works at the same job and the threat ten times more likely to murder her most likely to murder her than anyone else.

This war is at home, living room battle grounds, bathroom infirmaries, back seat trenches, fists like tanks, sex like a war trophy. Under treaties of silence she whispered to me, please, please stop.

I am your wife. I’m your sister. I’m your mother. I’m your daughter.

You were supposed to protect me. You’re supposed to be a warrior.

Protect me from you, from him, from all of them. 

Tell that you’ve got daughters.

Tell me that you don’t want this for them.

Tell me that you won’t joke about this with your friends. 

Tell me that you won’t forget that we talked.

Tell me that you will do something - do something

- Written and performed by the 1491s, in partnership with the Indian Law Resource Centre

"For it is not the anger of Black women which is dripping down over this globe like a diseased liquid. It is not my anger that launches rockets, spends over sixty thousand dollars a second on missiles and other agents of war and death, pushes opera singers off rooftops, slaughters children in cities, stockpiles nerve gas and chemical bombs, sodomizes our daughters and our earth. It is not the anger of Black women which corrodes into blind, dehumanizing power, bent upon the annihilation of us all unless we meet it with what we have, our power to examine and to redefine the terms upon which we will live and work; our power to envision and to reconstruct, anger by painful anger, stone upon heavy stone, a future of pollinating difference and the earth to support our choices."
— Audre Lorde, “The Uses of Anger” (via so-treu)

Flawless Human Beings » Gina Torres » Gina Torres Alphabet

↳ F → feminism & representation
"I certainly came up in an era where women were really making strides and making a point to beat down doors and find their place, and crash through the glass ceiling. And a lot of them did that believing that they had to trade on their femininity and that they had to be a man and tap into whatever they believed was a masculine trait to hang in the boys’ room, to get the "keys to the kingdom" as it were. And what’s beautiful about Jessica Pearson is that she is the next level to that when, really, feminism is about being all that you are and not having to trade one thing for another on your way up, or apologize." - Gina Torres (about her character Jessica Pearson, on Suits)




"If I succeed I create the opportunity for more people to succeed…" — This

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